SEND Transition

Effective transition at all stages is essential to ensure that children feel safe within the learning environment. At St Bede’s, we have systems in place to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible for all of our pupils.

Transition into Reception

Transition from Nursery to Reception Class is a big step for both our children and their parents.

For the children who attend other Nursery or Pre-School provision our Reception Class teacher, Mrs Spratt, or Mrs Penfold, our talented Teaching Assistant who worked for many years in nursery provision, will liaise with their current setting. Following this, parents will be invited to visit school for an induction meeting. During induction parents will have a tour of school, meet Mrs Clarke and our Parent Support Advisor and hear all about St Bede’s . All children who are starting Reception in September will be invited to attend ‘Moving Up’ sessions. They will attend for three half days to meet our staff and explore St Bede’s Early Years provision.

Transition between classes

At St Bede’s we work closely within each milestone so children become familiar with each staff team. Transition is treated the same at every juncture and children are given the opportunity to take part in ‘Moving Up’ where children spend time with their new class teacher in their new classroom. During the summer term staff meet to share information and for those children who require provision that is additional to or different from quality first teaching we make additional arrangements to support these children through the transition. This can include spending additional time in their new classroom, visiting their new classroom with their current member of support staff, beginning transition arrangements earlier in the Summer Term or photographs of their new classroom to take home and talk about with Parents and Carers during the Summer holidays. The support provided is tailored to the needs of individual children and will be discussed with parents and carers and the child.

Transition into Key Stage Three

Once Secondary School places have been allocated, a Transition Worker works between our cluster of schools throughout the Spring and Summer Terms in Year 6. The transition worker liaises with children and families in order to ensure they are fully prepared for the next stage of their education. All Durham Secondary schools have transition days where your child can meet their new class teacher and their classmates. They will also have opportunities to participate in sample lessons.

As part of our transition package, the SENDCO will ensure that all SEND information is passed onto the next school to ensure that they are fully aware of any additional needs your child may have. The SENDCO will work closely with families to ensure that the needs of the individual are met to the best of her ability. For example, extra transition visits for both parents and pupils, involvement of SENDIASS (formerly Durham Parent Partnerships) or support around the social or emotional well-being of the pupil.

Joining our school at other times

If your child joins our school during a Key Stage or mid-way through the academic year, systems are in place to aid their transition from their previous school. When you visit our school, the Head Teacher, Mrs Clarke, will give you a tour and your child will have opportunities to see their new classroom and meet their teacher. If your child has SEND, our SENDCO will liaise with the SENCO from your child’s previous school to ensure that we have the required information to enable us to support your child fully. It would be beneficial if you could discuss your child’s needs with us and share any information you have when you visit.

Leaving our school

If your child leaves St Bede’s, the SENDCO will ensure that all SEND information is passed onto the next school to ensure that they are fully aware of any additional needs your child may have.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.