Mini Police


What we do…

​The Mini Police project within Durham Constabulary is a fun and interactive volunteering opportunity for 9 to 11-year-old children. The Mini Police support the force priorities, through participation in community engagement events. Those involved can look forward to developing a confident voice through enjoyable experiences.  In our school our Mini Police is made up of all of the children in Year 5, and we are provided with our very own Mini Police Uniform.

Children who become part of the programme help to tackle local issues, as highlighted by their own communities.  By assisting the police service, they also carry that ownership and pride back into the community they live in.

Here is an overview of some of the events our Mini Police have been involved in.

  • Christmas Lantern Parade – handing out lanterns to participants and helping to ‘police’ the event.
  • Numerous speed watch operations – working alongside neighbourhood police teams to check vehicle speeds in problem areas, often close to schools.
  • Durham DASH – assisting the policing team and stewards at the event; marshalling crossing points plus meeting the safe city bear!
  • Miners’ Gala & BikeWise – helping the neighbourhood police team with handing out crime prevention materials to members of the public.

We have also been taken on visits to Durham Police HQ control room, the custody suite at Spennymoor Police Station and lots of other venues, so we can see how the police do their jobs every day.