Curriculum Statement

 For Our Children

(please see documents below for our full curriculum statement and a parents guide to the curriculum)


We intend for you to leave our St Bede’s family:

  • Having reached your full potential and being aware of the unique gifts God has given you
  • As an independent, happy and confident young person with a love of learning
  • With a healthy body and mind, and the resilience to cope with difficulties and failure
  • As a creative and imaginative learner, who has enjoyed learning both through study and play
  • Knowing the difference between right and wrong
  • Caring for and respecting others, in both our local community and in the wider world
  • Understanding the importance of caring for our world and all of God’s creatures in it


In order to support you on this journey we will:

  • Ensure that you know what you are learning and why in each lesson and how to improve
  • Teach a curriculum which is relevant and meaningful for you that develops your skills and concentrates on you knowing more and remembering more
  • Help you to build on your knowledge in a structured way by planning sequentially in all subjects so that your learning builds on what when before
  • Plan and deliver exciting lessons which are clear, creative and inspire a love of learning
  • Provide a range of extra-curricular visits and opportunities for you to enhance your curriculum and make learning experiences relevant and memorable
  • Provide you with opportunities to take responsibility and have your voice heard
  • Allow you to engage in creative and exciting play at break times and provide a stimulating environment to encourage this
  • Develop your whole self by providing a safe and nurturing environment, with opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth and development
  • Celebrate success both in and out of school, always acknowledging your unique talents


We will know if we have been successful in our mission and see the impact through:

  • Your books, class books, observations, assessments, progress and discussion will demonstrate how successful you are academically whilst at St Bede’s
  • Pupil questionnaires will measure how safe and happy you feel about all aspects of school life
  • The way you behave and the respect you show towards each other and all members of our community will show that you are able to be a kind and caring citizen
  • Your care and passion for the environment and all the creatures in our natural world will show that you understand the importance of looking after our planet
  • We hope you will leave St Bede’s as a confident, happy and well rounded young person who knows they are loved by God and understands the difference between right and wrong

Curriculum Statement Oct 2022
Parents curriculum Guide