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Comprehensions 13.07.2020

Pirates Reading Comprehension 13.07.2020

QUESTIONS – Pirates Reading Comprehension

ANSWERS – Pirates Reading Comprehension

Comprehensions 06.07.2020

Years 5 and 6 Reading Comprehension – Katherine Johnson

Year 5 and 6 Reading Comprehension –  Nelson Mandela

Comprehensions 29.06.2020

Superhero Facts

Unicorn Valley

Robot Revenge

Magic Potion

Comprehensions 22.06.2020

The Story of Juliane Koepcke

Questions Juliane K

Prediction Activity Juliane K

Inspirational People – Gandhi reading comprehension

Interpreting The Inspirational Word of Gandhi task

Gandhi easier questions

Gandhi easier questions ANSWERS

Gandhi harder questions

Gandhi harder questions ANSWERS


Comprehensions 15.06.2020

Seven Wonders of the World comprehension

Years 5 and 6 Weird and Wonderful Marine life

Years 5 and  6 questions Weird and Wonderful Marine life

Years 5 and 6 Answers Weird and Wonderful Marine life

Comprehensions 08.06.2020

Robin Hood Reading Comprehension 08.06.2020

Robin Hood EASY Questions 08.06.2020

Robin Hood HARD Questions 08.06.2020

Robin Hood Vocabulary Task 08.06.2020

MEDIUM – The Earthquake

HARD – The Earthquake

Comprehensions 01.06.2020

Henry VIII – Reading comprehension Year 5-6

QUESTIONS – Henry VIII Reading comprehension Year 5-6

ANSWERS – Henry VIII Reading comprehension Year 5-6

Florence Nightingale Reading Comprehension Text

Florence Nightingale QUESTIONS – Reading Comprehension

Florence Nightingale ANSWERS – Reading Comprehension

Comprehensions 18.05.2020

The Mad Hatter

The Tomb

Captain Tom Moor 11.05.2020

Captain Tom Moore Newspaper

QUESTIONS – Captain Tom Moore Newspaper

ANSWERS – Captain Tom Moore Newspaper

VE Day Comprehension 05.05.2020

Veteran fact File

VE Day Reading Comprehension – Easy medium hard

VE Day information PowerPoint

Comprehensions 04.05.2020 (Summer Term 2020)


Scaled Inkdogs (Summer term 2020)

Climate Change

History of Fairgrounds


Leap Year

Reading Activities

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