Non-compulsory Summer Holiday Home Learning Class 3

Welcome to our summer holiday work. Please don’t feel you have to complete this work, it’s just here to do if you’d like to. Please note that some of the work is for consolidation and other activities are moving up/preparation for next year.


Understanding Fractions Presentation

task1 sorting different representations of fractions

task 2 understanding fractions worksheet


Perimeter Presentation

Perimeter worksheet Year 3

Y4 possessive apostrophes

Possesive Apostrophes Task 1

Possesive Apostrophes Task 1 – ANSWERS

Possesive Apostrophes Task 2

Possesive Apostrophes Task 2 – ANSWERS

Co-ordinating conjunctions Presentation

Co-ordinating ConjunctionsnChallenge

Year 3 and 4 common exception words wordmat

common exception words years 5 and 6 alphabet word mat

Holly and Her Hound reading comprehension

ANSWERS Vocabulary and inference exercise

Flamingos Y4 Reading comprehension EASIER

Vocabulary and inference exercise