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School Results

How we do in National Tests is, of course, important to us. We want the very best for each of our children and a good result at the end of each Key Stage can help on life’s journey.

However, we do feel that a well rounded, balanced and emotionally happy child will go on to be the very best that they can be in all areas, not just those tested. We strive to ensure each child leaving St Bede’s will go on to be a caring, competent and confident member of society. This is why the views of the children and their families are so important to us.

Throughout the year we do ask for feedback and that also helps us to keep on the right path. Sometimes it’s connected to a specific event and other times it’s more general. We do ask children and parents to complete two questionnaires each year.

An RE Questionnaire is completed in the Spring Term and a General Questionnaire is completed in the Summer Term. This allows us to know the views of our children and parents about how well we are doing. There is also space for respondents to add what they like about St Bede’s and what they’d like to change. We use the results of this to inform our management planning so that our school can continue to grow and develop.

We do welcome comments and feedback at any time. We have a comments book available in the school foyer or you can send us your questions, comments or queries right now by completing the Contact Us form on our website.

You can also submit your comments to Parent View which can be found on the Ofsted Website.

Questionnaire & School Results

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